[mythtv-users] A few DVB setup questions

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 11:35:19 UTC 2005

> nice looking video BUT I have no audio.  The machine has no audio output
> (and hence no usable /dev/dsp) but I wouldn't have thought that would
> matter for mpeg2 recording from a DVB card??  Is there something obvious
> I have missed here?

The DVB broadcast is dumped straight to disk - video and audio so you
don't need an audio card to record the sound. But you do need one to
play it back. Are you saying you don't have a sound card?? If that's
the case then you won't be able to play back the audio from that
machine because the video part of the recdording is sent via the
TV-Out of your video card, and the audio part is sent via your sound
card to your speakers/amplifier/whatever. If you don't have a sound
card then won't be able to hear any sound.
> The second issue I'm having is with the auto tuning.  At this point in
> time my signal level is a bit low and I'm having problems tuning in a
> couple of channels and I'm also having trouble getting the tv_grab_au
> output to match up with the tuned channels (the channel IDs don't seem
> to match??)  I was hoping that there might be someone in the Brisbane
> (Australia) area that has these tuned in and set up with tv_grab_au
> might be able to dump their channel and dtv_multiplex tables and send
> them to me so I can compare them.

I can send you Sydney's if that's any help. If you need it please let
me know which tables you want me to send you and I'll export them.


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