[mythtv-users] A few DVB setup questions

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Mon Jun 20 11:24:58 UTC 2005

Hi All,
I'm trying to set up a mythtv back end on some dreadfully underpowered
hardware (it's a Celeron 466).  If it doesn't work then I'm probably
able to score a better machine shortly but I don't think that is related
to the problems I'm currently seeing.

First of all, the system is running debian unstable and mythtv 0.18.1-3
and I had a Twinhan DVB card.

I have it to a point where I can fire a manual record off via the web
interface then transfer the file to my windows machine and play it.
Initially I had some troubles with really lousy looking video but it
turns out the IDE drive I was using for recording didn't have DMA
enabled... a definite killer.  After a (not so) quick recompile to put
the IDE driver into the kernel and a reboot I was able to record very
nice looking video BUT I have no audio.  The machine has no audio output
(and hence no usable /dev/dsp) but I wouldn't have thought that would
matter for mpeg2 recording from a DVB card??  Is there something obvious
I have missed here?

The second issue I'm having is with the auto tuning.  At this point in
time my signal level is a bit low and I'm having problems tuning in a
couple of channels and I'm also having trouble getting the tv_grab_au
output to match up with the tuned channels (the channel IDs don't seem
to match??)  I was hoping that there might be someone in the Brisbane
(Australia) area that has these tuned in and set up with tv_grab_au
might be able to dump their channel and dtv_multiplex tables and send
them to me so I can compare them.


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