[mythtv-users] Video sources ??? && how do i tune channels manually

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 11:30:01 UTC 2005

> 1. Will Mythtv work in INDIA ? --> PAL B/G

Yes. You just need to buy a tv tuner card that supports PAL. It's very common.
> 2. How do i tune/scan channels manually ?
>    Do i have to make any MANUAL Database entries...
>    I tried the channel editor...but have had no success

Try following Jarod Wilson's guide _very_ carefully. It's considered
something of a bible in setting up MythTV. You can find it at
> 4. What will i have to do if i want to have a grabber for INDIA ?

You may have to write/get someone else to write a web page scraper.
Here in Australia we have the same issue and some kind, clever folks
have written web scrapers which take the tv schedule off a web site
and put it into XMLTV format so that mythfilldatabase can load it into
the database. Or if there are lots of you, you could do something
similar to what the OzTivo folks have done at http://tvguide.org.au
and create a central database of TV listings which your grabber would
extract from.
> 5. I can watch the monitor on to the T V through PVR-350, but i cant
> watch any CABLE TV. In the Information center->system status->Tuner it

That must be because it isn't recording anything. If you set it to
record a show from the EPG then it will say it is recording when the
program is broadcast. Not sure what it would say for Live TV - I guess
if you're viewing the information centre then you can'tbe watching TV
so it would not be recording anything other than a pre-set schedule.

You should be able to connect your cable box to your MythTV tuner
card. Search the gossamer-thread archives at
PS - you shouldn't post these questions to the dev list. These are
user questions, not issues related to development of the MythTV


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