[mythtv-users] Video sources ??? && how do i tune channels manually

Dhiraj Kamble dhiraj81 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 09:30:37 UTC 2005

A few Questions

1. Will Mythtv work in INDIA ? --> PAL B/G

2. How do i tune/scan channels manually ?
    Do i have to make any MANUAL Database entries...
    I tried the channel editor...but have had no success

3. What should i set as my VIDEO SOURCE as ?
    there is no grabber, that i can use for INDIA.

4. What will i have to do if i want to have a grabber for INDIA ?

5. I can watch the monitor on to the T V through PVR-350, but i cant
watch any CABLE TV. In the Information center->system status->Tuner it

6. how do i fix this--->    " error creating /.qt" 
    i tried creating a file manually in /root/.qt, put in a few spaces
   but it hasnt worked.

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