[mythtv-users] Sound problems

Jeremy Fergason jeremy_fergason at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 07:14:03 UTC 2005

It seems like this is a common problem, but I can't
seem to get sound working under mythtv.  I am using
Fedora Core 4.  MythTV is successfully built and
displays video but  I get no sound out of it.  If I
use tvtime I can get sound.

I have a Compro Videomate Gold+ and Create SB Live 5.1
sound card.  I can't seem to get xawtv to build on fc4
but I tried tvtime and then tried to read from
/dev/dsp, /dev/dsp1, /dev/dsp2, /dev/audio, and
/dev/audio1 from the three dsp devices I only get /x80
chars out and I can't open the audio devices because
it says they are busy.

I've checked that alsamixer has CAPTUR set on the aux
line (the line the tv card is plugged into the audio
card) and that volume is up but still nothing.

Any help you could offer I would appreciate.



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