[mythtv-users] No Audio Issue And General Questions

CTD ctd at minneapolish3.com
Sat Jun 18 12:20:37 UTC 2005


My current system has the mythfrondend and backend running on the same 
machine w/ a PVR-350 card.  My PVR-350 audio out is patched into my 
system's line-in.  My frontend has the default configuration to use the 
myth volume controls.

1) We I schedule a program to be recorded, it is recorded w/ audio and 
video.  I verified this by playing the recorded file with mplayer where 
I get video and audio.
2) When I watch live TV or a recorded program via mythtv, I get no sound.

Seems like a mythtv setup issue and not an ivtv issue.  Ideas?

General questions on how all the parts fit together:
1) W/ a PVR-350, I believe the card's encoder is used when recording a 
show.  So is the ivtv driver used in this part of the process?
2) When I view a recorded show is the system using the PVR-350's 
decoder?  I assume so, since I have my TV connected to the PVR-350's 
TV-out.  Is the ivtv driver used  for this?  How do mythtv setting 
affect this?
3) When I watch live tv and pause the show, what software/hardware 
components are doing the encoding/decoding? 
4) My final setup will use a Xbox as the frontend, so I assume the xbox 
CPU will be doing all encoding/decoding when watching/pausing live-tv.
  When I view a recorded program with this setup, will it still be the 
frontend(xbox) that is doing the decoding of the recorded file?

I have looked at the ivtv tiki FAQ and searched this forum's posts, but 
I cannot seem to find the answer to my audio issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

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