[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase vs EIT

cythrault at gmail.com cythrault at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 04:02:06 UTC 2005


I stopped using mythfilldatabase when the EIT parsing started working
for me. While my DVB provider only broadcasts 2 days worth of EPG it
was more precise then Zap2it.

I was hopping that the EIT could correct what mythfilldatabase puts in
the EPG but at the time I think it was Taylor that said it was on the
todo list but more stuff needed to be accomplished first.

Today, I had to run mythfilldatabase because I acquired a PVR-500 and
it obviously could not get the EPG on its own. To my surprise, after
tuning by accident on a transponder containing the EIT, I saw a bunch
of updates to the EPG in my backend log. The EIT parser was updating
the EPG!

I don't know when it was committed or who committed it but... thanks!
It's awesome! ;)


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