[mythtv-users] Up and Down keys and seeking

Noel Murphy bnmurphy at rogers.com
Tue Jun 14 01:32:24 UTC 2005

I realize that I'm probably jumping into the middle of something  
here, but I just want to throw in my 2 cents.

I also find the logic counter intuitive. The main reason here is that  
on my remote control, my  arrow keys (left, right, up and down) are  
also my channel up/down and volume up/ down buttons. Channel changes  
with up / down arrows and volume with left /  right.

They buttons are also clearly marked with a plus (+) sign on the "up"  
arrow, because this means "increment channel by 1".

Now, I understand the logic that Isaac stated about a text editor,  
however EVERY time my father in law comes over to my house (who has  
his own commercial pvr) he presses the up arrow to jump ahead (when  
viewing a recording) thinking that a key with a "plus" symbol on it  
MUST go forward in time, just like a dvd player would.

However, forget my remote control for the time being and lets focus  
on just the standard pc keyboard. My problem, which is probably the  
same as what X.S is talking about is that regardless of what I bind  
JUMPRWND  & JUMPFFWD to (currently F6 & F7), pressing "up" on my  
keyboard has the same effect as my JUMPRWND button. This is what I  
consider to be the true bug. Regardless of what I map JUMPRWND to,  
there is no way (that I know of) to prevent the "up" arrow on the  
keyboard from having the same effect. (Truthfully, I didn't test if  
the problem is that the JUMPRWND event always happens when the up  
arrow is pressed or if it always happens when the "CHANNELUP" button  
is pressed. Either way, I consider it to be a bug.)

Noel Murphy

On 13-Jun-05, at 5:29 PM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> Xiaotian Sun wrote:
>> On 6/13/05, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
>>> On Monday 13 June 2005 03:06 pm, Xiaotian Sun wrote:
>>>> I of course understand the reasoning, but isn't it counter- 
>>>> intuitive?
> Then, of course, you didn't understand the reasoning =).
>>> Nope.
> Agreed.
>> I'm talking about whether it is counter-intuitive to most people.  
>> Maybe we should have a vote.
> No.
>>>> Though most remotes have seeking keys, they are usually not as big,
>>>> and not as convenient to push,  as the navigation keys, which is  
>>>> what
>>>> we're talking about here.
>>> We're not talking about the navigation keys, we're talking about  
>>> the channel
>>> up/down keys.  'UP' has no seek action bound to it in this  
>>> context, only
> The Jump keys are "JUMPFFWD" and "JUMPRWND". When I initially added
> the jump keys (back before there were keybindings), I copied mplayer,
> I think, and had PgUp forward and PgDn reverse. The other half of the
> world complained and it was changed to the text logic. The grass is
> always greener... I'm content with the current default and anyone who
> wants to change their bindings is welcome to do so.
>> I don't know about your system.  On mine, CHANNELUP is bound to  
>> UP. And I don't know how the seeking functions are bounded,  
>> because it's
>> not in the setting.  But if it is bounded to CHANNELUP and
>> CHANNELDOWN, then I guess we users can do nothing.
> It isn't.
> --  bjm
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