[mythtv-users] Up and Down keys and seeking

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Tue Jun 14 02:06:18 UTC 2005

I use my remote to control both myth and my DVD player.  The "Ch+" and
"Ch-" buttons do Chapter+ and Chapter- for the DVD player and
ChannelUp and ChannelDown for myth.  So, for seeking, they do the
reverse, and my muscle-memory just can't keep them straight.  I tried
to swap the ChannelUp and ChannelDown bindings in myth, but, of
course, this didn't just reverse the seek behaviour, it reversed the
behaviour for livetv.  And that messed up other muscle-memory...

> I'm content with the current default and anyone who
> wants to change their bindings is welcome to do so.

Is it currently possible to make ChannelUp and ChannelDown do the
reverse of the current behaviour while seeking but the usual behaviour
for livetv?  If not, would an option to select this behaviour be


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