[mythtv-users] Trouble booting a system with S-video plugged in

Larry Taub larryt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 14:51:18 UTC 2005

I put together a second machine to be a frontend only system playing my 
recordings to a second tv. I had a red hat 9.2 installation on the machine 
originally that I upgraded to FC3 and then followed Jarod's howto document. 
I got pretty much everything working but there is an odd problem that might 
be really simple for somebody to pick out. 

When I boot with S-Video plugged in, the BIOS shows up fine and the tv 
displays that the grub bootloader stage 2 is beginning and then it never 
continues. If I plug in a VGA monitor or nothing, it boots fine and when it 
gets to the X login screen, I can hook in my S-Video cable and see 
everything just fine and it works fine on the tv after this point. 

Obviously, I don't intend on rebooting this machine often but it would be 
nice to figure out what is causing this problem and perhaps fix it 
especially since my backend/frontend machine boots fine with just the 
S-Video cable (on the same TV and S-Video cable right now).

The specs are: K7S5A Pro with SDRAM, Athlon 800, Nvidia GF4 MX420 (pull from 
a Dell, possibly XFX brand), SB Live Value,

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