[mythtv-users] How do you connect your mythtv to the tv?

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 06:23:18 UTC 2005

On 6/11/05, Oscar Curero <oscar at naiandei.net> wrote:

> *How do you connect the capture card to the tv?

You aim is to connect the output of your MythTV box to the TV.
Depending on whether you are using a PVR-350 card which has its own TV
out, normally you will connect the TV Out of the video card directly
to the TV.

The capture cards normally *receive* the input signals (satellite box,
antenna etc). MythTV then outputs the video through the computer's
video card which is connected to the TV. This is how you watch TV
through MythTV. The tuner on the TV is *not* used.

> The TV (Sony widescreen) has three SCART inputs, three S-Video inputs (shared
> with the SCART inputs), and the analog antenna input.

I would keep the satellite box connected to the TV through SCART as a
backup. I would recommend using S-Video cables to connect your Myth
machine to the TV, and to connect your satellite box to your Myth

> *How do you change the channel?

As above, you do not change channel on the TV (you keep it on the AV
input). MythTV controls all TV tuning - if you want to change channel,
you do so in the frontend, and Myth will change channels on the
capture card for you.

> I mean, if you change the channel directly from the tv, how does the computer
> know what channel are you watching now? If I connect the TV directly to the
> antenna without using the pvr-350, then I couldn't use neither LiveTV nor EPG
> unless I use another SCART connection for myhtv, right?.

If you bypass the myth machine altogether, you will not be able to use
the tuner on the capture card to record from the antenna. A better
(and cheap) solution is to use a splitter to allow the antenna source
to be split between TV (for normal TV viewing) and the myth box for
using with a capture card (like the 350) for livetv and recordings.

Anything you can do - I can do worse (should be fine in plaintext) ...

  ____      (SCART)     ________
 | TV | <------------< | Sat Rec| <------ Dish
  ____                  ________
    |                       |
    | ^                     |
    |(S-Vid)                | (S-Vid)
    | ^                     |
    |                       |
 ___|____  <--------<-------
| MythTV |
 ________  <--------<----------- Antenna

Essentially, I would suggest:

i) Keep the satellite receiver connected to the TV via SCART. Use a
SCART to S-Video lead (you'll need audio as well) to connect the sat
receiver to the S-Video input on the PVR-350.
ii) Split the antenna source giving one connection to the TV as
normal, and another connection to the tuner on the PVR-350.
iii) Connect the MythTV box to the TV via S-Video/Phono cables to give
video and audio when using MythTV.

As your satellite receiver requires a keycard, the only way you are
likely to be able to record from it is to connect its output directly
to the PVR350 and use an IR transmitter device and channel change
script to change channels for you. This is how a lot of European cable
TV boxes work (mine included). You may be able to use a DVB-S card
which accepts your keycard to record directly from the satellite feed
- I can't comment on that though, so using it as I've mentioned above
may be the easiest way.


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