[mythtv-users] How do you connect your mythtv to the tv?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 01:15:23 UTC 2005

> *How do you connect the capture card to the tv?
> The TV (Sony widescreen) has three SCART inputs, three S-Video inputs (shared
> with the SCART inputs), and the analog antenna input.

The capture card writes the broadcast to hard disk. When you play the
recording back you need to connect the MythTV box to your TV from the
MythTV box's video card which needs to support TV-Out. This is usually

> *How do you change the channel?
> I mean, if you change the channel directly from the tv, how does the computer
> know what channel are you watching now? If I connect the TV directly to the

You have a separate remote control for the MythTV box which controls
the GUI and channel changes. Pretty much the same as when you have a

> antenna without using the pvr-350, then I couldn't use neither LiveTV nor EPG
> unless I use another SCART connection for myhtv, right?.

You need to split your antenna so that it feeds into your TV and your
MythTV box's capture card.

> Now, the TV is connected with a SCART connection to the satellite receiver
> (not Free To Air, needed a subscription card with a valid key) and also the
> TV is connected to the VCR with a coaxial cable. Then, the VCR is
> connected to the antenna cable coming from the roof of my house (sorry for
> the ascii art):
>  _____     (SCART)
>  |  TV   |<-----<------< Satellite Receiver
>   --- ----                __|             |^
>      |                      |                 |^
>      |^                     |              Dish
>      |^ (coaxial)       |
>  __|___                | (SCART)
>  |           |--<---<----<
>  |  VCR  | <-<--<---<----<-----<-- Antenna
>  |           |
>  ----------
> I would like to replace the video with mythtv (backend and frontend, but
> without losing anything.

Not too sure about how to do this, but you can connect your satellite
receiver to your MythTV box so you can record from it.


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