[mythtv-users] How do you connect your mythtv to the tv?

Oscar Curero oscar at naiandei.net
Sun Jun 12 01:02:14 UTC 2005

El Sábado, 11 de Junio de 2005 08:23, Nick escribió:
> On 6/11/05, Oscar Curero <oscar at naiandei.net> wrote:
> > *How do you connect the capture card to the tv?
> You aim is to connect the output of your MythTV box to the TV.
> Depending on whether you are using a PVR-350 card which has its own TV
> out, normally you will connect the TV Out of the video card directly
> to the TV.
> The capture cards normally *receive* the input signals (satellite box,
> antenna etc). MythTV then outputs the video through the computer's
> video card which is connected to the TV. This is how you watch TV
> through MythTV. The tuner on the TV is *not* used.

Ohh! It's much more simpler than I though...

> Essentially, I would suggest:
> i) Keep the satellite receiver connected to the TV via SCART. Use a
> SCART to S-Video lead (you'll need audio as well) to connect the sat
> receiver to the S-Video input on the PVR-350.
> ii) Split the antenna source giving one connection to the TV as
> normal, and another connection to the tuner on the PVR-350.
> iii) Connect the MythTV box to the TV via S-Video/Phono cables to give
> video and audio when using MythTV.
Nice ;)

> As your satellite receiver requires a keycard, the only way you are
> likely to be able to record from it is to connect its output directly
> to the PVR350 and use an IR transmitter device and channel change
> script to change channels for you. This is how a lot of European cable
> TV boxes work (mine included). You may be able to use a DVB-S card
> which accepts your keycard to record directly from the satellite feed
> - I can't comment on that though, so using it as I've mentioned above
> may be the easiest way.

I will connect it to the pvr, the other option is too expensive for my know: 
The satellite receiver (a very very rare pioneer model) has a serial port and 
a pararel port, in other posts people control their receivers through this 
ports, I will try to do something similar.

> HTH,
> Nick
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