[mythtv-users] After FE_HAS_LOCK, what next?

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 21:09:38 UTC 2005

On 6/10/05, Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is what I did. FYI, I'm in Australia so our DVB is PAL.
> 1) Shut down the mythbackend service.
> 2) Run mythtvsetup and say Yes to overwriting channels and card
> settings. I already had 2 analogue cards in there so this was a bit of
> a bummer but I saved the settings for future reference in case I
> needed to go back.
> 3) Then create a new Capture Card as type DVB - easy. It should
> display your card name. If mythbackend is not stopped it could tie up
> the card and you won't see the card name.
> 4) Create the Video Source - easy. In my case I just called this aerial.
> 5) Connect the capture card to the video source in the Input screen. I
> just took the defaults - easy. Make sure you have enter a correct
> starting channel in the Input  screen otherwise when you go into
> LiveTV it will hang for 15 seconds and then bomb back out to the menu
> as it can't connect to the broadcast.
> 6) Go into the channel editor and do an Automatic scan. Choose Full
> Scan type. You need to do this for each channel (ABC,SBS,7,9,10 in my
> case) and for each one you have to enter the Frequency (eg 226500000
> for ABC) AND the Bandwidth (which in my case was 7MHz for all of
> them).
> 7) At the end of all this you may end up with a stack of channels - some
> of them are EPG channels, some are HD channels and some are lots of
> what seems to be the same SD channel (don't know why that is -
> something the broadcasters do for some reason).
> 8) Exit out and start mythbackend and mythfrontend and try to watch
> LiveTV. This is how I was testing it. I figured that because scan and
> tzap had worked then the card is set up correctly from a Linux
> perspective so it was just a matter of getting it to work under MythTV
> from there. Look in the mythbackend log and it should say something
> like:
>   2005-05-10 20:47:32.366 DVB#0 Multiplex Locked
>   2005-05-10 20:47:33.561 DVB#0 Successfully tuned to channel 20.

I finally was able to try the steps you outlined (above).

When I got to step 6) - the Channel Editor, I didn't see
anything about a scan, Automatic or otherwise.
There weren't places to enter frequencies or
bandwidths either.  

Should I have run mythfilldatabase before trying the
Channel Editor?  Another question: where inside the
Channel Editor does the Scan option appear?

Maybe I haven't compiled mythtv with the right
set of options on the ./configure command.
I used ./configure --enable-dvb, and it seemed
to compile without any problems.

Any further hints you might think of would be
most welcome.  

Thanks again for your help with all of this.


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