[mythtv-users] After FE_HAS_LOCK, what next?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 01:05:33 UTC 2005

> I finally was able to try the steps you outlined (above).
> When I got to step 6) - the Channel Editor, I didn't see
> anything about a scan, Automatic or otherwise.
> There weren't places to enter frequencies or
> bandwidths either.
> Should I have run mythfilldatabase before trying the
> Channel Editor?  Another question: where inside the
> Channel Editor does the Scan option appear?
> Maybe I haven't compiled mythtv with the right
> set of options on the ./configure command.
> I used ./configure --enable-dvb, and it seemed
> to compile without any problems.
> Any further hints you might think of would be
> most welcome.

Strange. When I go into the Channel Editor I see a screen which has a
box at the top to list channels, then below that 2 drop down boxes
called Sort Mode and Video Source, then a checkbox for Hide channels
and then at the bottom of the screen 2 buttons - Scan for channels &
Advanced. When you click that Scan for channels button that's when you
get to enter the frequency.

Could be a couple of reasons why you don't see these buttons:

- Maybe they're hidden off the bottom of the screen? I don't know how
you fix that but there will be lots in the archives about buttons not
fitting onto the screen.
- Maybe you have to enable something else when compiling MythTv? I
install from ATRPM binaries so I don't know how that works.

Good luck,

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