[mythtv-users] Various Myth Setup Issues

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 03:57:49 UTC 2005

On 6/8/05, Jason Luttrell <jrluttrell at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've finally got Myth up and running now, but I have some questions on
> a few things that I need to tweak to make me happy with all of this.
> FYI, I'm running a P4 2.4 GHz with 512 RAM and 2 PVR-150s on FC3.
> First, I have a blue line around the left and top parts of the picture.
> Secondly, no matter what settings I set in Myth setup, I can't seem to
> get the picture to fill the entire screen up.  My TV is a 6 month old
> Sanyo 27" flat screen.

What version of ivtv are you running? Also what kernel is FC3?

> Third, the quality of the picture is not really great.  I've
> especially noticed on action sequences, such as sports on ESPN, that
> the picture slows a bit at times and pales in comparison to the
> picture I normally get with the TV.

Yeah, me too. Well, it's a $79 TV on a PCI card, not a 27" flatscreen.

> The system also seems very slow to me to change channels, with a delay
> of about 5 seconds or so.

All TV is first buffered to disk before it's sent to your screen. 5
seconds is about right. Not fun for channel surfers like me, and I
think you. ;-)
> Also, when I record a program and play it back, it shows only the top
> left-hand quarter of the screen or so.  I've tried setting the NTSC
> settings for both tuners and still have this problem.  I do NOT have
> this problem watching live TV though.  I also get no audio on
> recordings, but again, I don't have this problem with live TV.

This one I've not seen. Again, it seems that it's probably an ivtv or
some other driver issue.

> One final (hopefully) problem is that lirc is not working.  When I try
> to start lirc up manually, I get a "Connection refused" error message.

I haven't tried lirc yet. Cannot help.

> Sorry for the laundry list of problems, but I'm a bit frustrated at
> this point after working with this for a few weeks now.  Any
> help/suggestions are much appreciated.  Thanks!
Sorry I'm not of more help, other than to say that you should try
ivtv-0.3.5p as it's working pretty well for us.

Good luck,

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