[mythtv-users] Various Myth Setup Issues

James Emmrich jemmrich at lwp.ca
Thu Jun 9 05:26:33 UTC 2005

Jason Luttrell wrote:

>One final (hopefully) problem is that lirc is not working.  When I try
>to start lirc up manually, I get a "Connection refused" error message.
I'll tackle this portion.

Im gonna have to guess that lirc and ther kernel module is installed 
fine but make sure you have run:
# /sbin/chkconfig lircd on
# /sbin/service lircd start

lircd will need to be running before you can test and use /usr/bin/irw


>Sorry for the laundry list of problems, but I'm a bit frustrated at
>this point after working with this for a few weeks now.  Any
>help/suggestions are much appreciated.  Thanks!
Keep at it, its taken me 3 full format and reinstall procedures to get 
mine working right.


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