[mythtv-users] 0.18.1 on x86_64 and lirc not working

Johan Reinalda johan at global.thunderbird.edu
Mon Jun 6 19:08:14 UTC 2005

Since I posted the original query for help, I've been able to recompile with 
lirc support.

You have to change a few things for the linker to find the various 
I debugged the configure script to see what it was looking for, and then 
added some to the ldconfig files. Below is the relevant part of my x86_64 
build docs, based on Jarod's guide. I should probably post this somewhere, 
maybe an add on to Jarod's pages ? (It assumes you have yum working; apt 
doesn't do multi-architecture very well)

My WAF is very high at the moment; I just replaced 2 400-dics cd-changers 
and 1 vcr/dvd combo with my mythbox over the weekend, and she loves it!

Good luck,


Building mythtv 0.18.1 from the srpm package.

As the available x86_64 packages did not support lirc, I decided to rebuild 
from the source rpms to enable lirc support (leaving the already installed 
packages loaded)

First, install prerequisites for building:

yum install lame-devel
yum install lirc-lib-devel

Now download the source package, and install. This goes to 
Here, extract the sources:

tar -jxvf mythtv-0.18.1.tar.bz2

now change into the source directory and configure as needed. I run:
cd mythtv-0.18.1
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-joystick-menu --enable-lirc --enable-xvmc

Check the output to make sure all expected things are turned 
on. --prefix=/usr sets things to go to the same location as the packages 
(ie. /usr/bin, /usr/include, etc.), instead of the default /usr/local, which 
would result in double copies of the executables.

I noticed that lirc was not being recognized, even though it's installed. 
Turns out, the configure script looks for two things: the library, and 
header (.h) files. The header are installed with the lirc-lib-devel package 
above, but to fix finding the library, I did:

1 - Add file /etc/ld.so.conf.d/lirc-x86_64.conf, containing the line


2 - now run ldconfig

You're ready to build!  run 'qmake mythtv.pro', then 'make'.

If all builds cleanly, run 'make install' (as root)

Then restart your box (or backend only: "service mythtbackend restart"), and 
test the new frontend!

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