[mythtv-users] Problem with XvMC using 7664 nVidia driver

Harry Orenstein holists at v92net.com
Sat Jun 4 22:35:23 UTC 2005

Not sure if this is better asked here or on atRPMS m/l (maybe Axel will see 

I am running 0.18.1 and just upgraded to nvidia-graphics7664 from atRPMS.  
After the upgrade I get the following in mythfrontend.log if I try to enable 

XvMCWrapper: Could not load hardware specific XvMC library 
/usr/X11R6/lib/nvidia-graphics-1.0-7664/libXvMCNVIDIA_dynamic.so.1: undefined 
symbol: _nv0019XvMCdynamic
Using XvMC version: 1.0
2005-06-04 18:28:04.648 Invalid xv port

I have recompiled with the newer nvidia lib and if I switch back to 7174 after 
compiling for 7664 I don't get this message.  I only seem to get it if I have 
7664 active.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Is this a problem with 7664 
itself, compatibility with Myth or perhaps just the way the RPM was built?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!

-- Harry O.

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