[mythtv-users] Recorded programs in MythVideo

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Sun Jul 24 19:14:56 EDT 2005

> What is the best way to watch recorded programs from MythVideo while 
> preserving cutlists and commercial flagging?  Is it to export them with 
> some program or is there a naming convention used with the Internal 
> player in MythVideo that will cause it to respect cutlists?  I have some 
> Kids movies that I've recorded and I'd like to have them in the Video 
> Gallery with the rest of our movies but with the cutlists preserved.

I think if you transcode the file it will cut according to the cutlist,
and you end up with the cut and advert-less transcoded file. It'll
probably be transcoded to a more manageable file with a tighter codec
like mpeg-4. 

However if you don't want to transcode:

The internal video player in mythvideo is actually external - mplayer or
whatever you configure it to be.

mplayer will certainly play nuv files as created by tv recording in
mplayer. it will also skip using edit decision lists:


now mythtv seems to store it's edl's in the database as frame numbers
instead of seconds, but the conversion is pretty simple (but dependent
on PAL vs NTCS frame rates.)

So you could pretty simply make a script to creat an mplayer edl list
from the frame numbers in the database and export it to the mythvideo
directory along with the nuv file. I would name it the same as the nuv
file with an additional sufix of .edl  and call mplayer with the normal
parameters plus "-edl %s.edl"

I haven't tried this, but might do so tonight.

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