[mythtv-users] Ready for use?

Tim Hamer tdh1 at cec.wustl.edu
Thu Jul 21 17:16:37 EDT 2005

plenty of people run perfectly stable myth boxes, so there is no reason 
the software itself shouldnt work if set up and configured properly with 
the proper hardware.

i'm not saying you won't ever run into a problem, but as long as you 
find a configuration that works well and then leave it alone, you can 
run without trouble for months at a time if not longer. just look at the 
number of married guys on this list who manage to keep the wives happy 
with myth.

Chris Lopeman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been monitoring this mail list for a while now.  And mythTV looks 
> very interesting.  And I know it is not released yet.  And to be clear I 
> and not trying to be insulting or start a fight.  But...
> I am about to start dishing out money for hardware to use with mythTV.  
> Hardware that could probably be used for nothing or little else.  This 
> coupled with the high activity of people having problems on the mailing 
> list, leads to a question.
> Is anybody successfully using mythTV on a regular basis?  I just don't 
> want to put something together that is going to have problems with basic 
> functionality every other day.  Or is gonna work but look like crap on 
> my TV.
> Thanks,
> Chris Lopeman
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