[mythtv-users] Ready for use?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jul 21 17:14:38 EDT 2005

Chris Lopeman wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have been monitoring this mail list for a while now.  And mythTV 
> looks very interesting.  And I know it is not released yet.  And to be 
> clear I and not trying to be insulting or start a fight.  But...
> I am about to start dishing out money for hardware to use with 
> mythTV.  Hardware that could probably be used for nothing or little 
> else.  This coupled with the high activity of people having problems 
> on the mailing list, leads to a question.
> Is anybody successfully using mythTV on a regular basis?  I just don't 
> want to put something together that is going to have problems with 
> basic functionality every other day.  Or is gonna work but look like 
> crap on my TV.

I use it every day and probably record 4 or 5 programs a day between kid 
shows and my own.  I have a ReplayTV that I never use now because Myth 
has more flexibility and features I want.  If you don't want problems, 
buy your hardware carefully and stick with known good components.


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