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Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 13:43:34 EDT 2005

On 7/20/05, Ted Healey <thealey at gmail.com> wrote:
> I finally got my pcHDTV3000 running.
> 1) Although my CPU never gets above like 93% in live tv, i get
> stuttering with the Prebuffering pause message. I tried chmod +s on
> the frontend, moved the pause files location to my fastest disk,
> ensured DMA was on, no dice.
> At some point I will buy a new motherboard and CPU I guess. Although I
> would've thought the CPU would be pegged, so I am not totally sure
> that's it. It's an XP 2000+ I believe.

I'm not sure that it's a CPU power issue.   I see this on my MythTV
system I just set up (Athlon64 3200+, NVidia FX5200 with XvMC,
dedicated drive for ringbuf in DMA mode, etc..).   I get the
prebuffering pause messages sporadically.   Sometimes I get stutters
on one channel, but not on others.      At this point, I'm not really
sure what is the trigger for the stuttering.

When my video is running smoothly, I can do many other things on the
system, without impacting the video.   A couple days ago, I had an HD
program playing via Live TV, and was ssh'd into the system and
compiling the Qt libraries.  The video was flawless, no glitches,
pauses, etc..

> 2) So I enabled XvMC, which works pretty well. The OSD gets all
> garbled and painted wrong but that is preferable to the stutter. I've
> read that the image is worse with xvmc turned on but it looks pretty
> good to me and it seems stable so far.

I still occasionally get the stutter with XvMC.    I don't know about
differences in image quality.
> 3) I am still fixing the channels, it looks like I wound up with one
> full set with no frequencies but valid xmltvids (from zap2it i guess)
> and another set that must've come from the automatic scan in
> mythtv-setup. hopefully i can merge the two, is that what is supposed
> to happen?

The same thing happened to me.   I ended up modifying MythWeb, to add
the attributes for xmltvid, mplexid, atscsrcid, etc.     Then, I
combined the fields into one entry for each channel, with all the
necessary data.   I also used this to add some channels that my cable
system carried without PSIP data, so they were not found in the
channel scan.

> Thanks
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