[mythtv-users] HD

Ted Healey thealey at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 10:33:26 EDT 2005

I finally got my pcHDTV3000 running.

1) Although my CPU never gets above like 93% in live tv, i get
stuttering with the Prebuffering pause message. I tried chmod +s on
the frontend, moved the pause files location to my fastest disk,
ensured DMA was on, no dice.

At some point I will buy a new motherboard and CPU I guess. Although I
would've thought the CPU would be pegged, so I am not totally sure
that's it. It's an XP 2000+ I believe.

2) So I enabled XvMC, which works pretty well. The OSD gets all
garbled and painted wrong but that is preferable to the stutter. I've
read that the image is worse with xvmc turned on but it looks pretty
good to me and it seems stable so far.

3) I am still fixing the channels, it looks like I wound up with one
full set with no frequencies but valid xmltvids (from zap2it i guess)
and another set that must've come from the automatic scan in
mythtv-setup. hopefully i can merge the two, is that what is supposed
to happen?


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