[mythtv-users] MythShyte: One unhappy customer

antec antec30 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 15:41:28 EDT 2005

I am atill getting prebuffer pause even though I have done everything recommended in the documentation pages:

* bought and installed a geforce card
* got xwindows working with nvidia
* upgraded machine to a P3-1Ghz. (not a celeron!)
* checked and reconfigured all of the TV settings under mythtv.

Mythtv on my system was build using fc3 and atrpms. So I compiled nothing.

Am I missing something crucial here, or is this just a case of sloppy code. This project has cost me time and money to get a result that is no better than "myth-shyte". After all, why would I now go and buy a p4-3.3 to watch tv, when I can just plug in my P1 and do the same thing (without buffering naturally).

Unless Im blind in both eyes and delusional, I think the next step is to return to freevo aka bugvo and give mythtv the myth-skip.
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