[mythtv-users] Freeze when accessing recorded programs

Charlie Da charlie_d__ at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 14:40:24 EDT 2005

Hi, hopefully someone has an idea or two about this, as I'm stumped.

Last month I upgraded from 0.17 to 0.18.  The upgrade went smooth until I 
hit a small snag -- I can watch TV or play music just fine, but when I try 
to browse the videos on the system, look at previously recorded programs, or 
look at previously recorded items, I get the right page, but it's blank.  
The system becomes non-responsive (I can't exit the program, tab out, bring 
up a console, or panic out via alt + ctrl + backspace).  I can, however, 
shutdown the system by via the power button, so the system isn't completely 

checked the database, backed it up, and ran a repair just-in-case, however 
it came up all fine.  My next step was to purge the database and try a fresh 
one (at this point I figured my saved TV recordings were justifiable 
casualties).  This was actually worse, as the fresh DB hangs at the 
mythfrontend background (no menu) but otherwise the same (can shut down with 
the power button, but no response via keyboard / mouse).

At this point, I decided I had been planning on doing a fresh install 
anyway.  So, I wiped the system, did a fresh install (using the RPMS at 
atrpms.net), and ran the setup.  It worked once, in that when I loaded the 
fields for the the fields for the record, recorded, etc. (there are four, 
however I'm at work and can't check the other two), and moved the backups of 
the recordings into the proper place, everything showed up.  I was happy, I 
could watch the ones I hadn't watched.  Then I restarted... and it came back 
to the same problem.  Dropped the database and reloaded... and I was back at 
the blank myth background.

Currently I've loaded my backup DB back in, so I can at least watch liveTV 
and listen to music, but I can't move around inside Myth for fear of having 
to restart the system again... does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm out of 
ideas, and I haven't been able to find anything relevant in the group 
messages or in the documentation.

Any help would be appreciated.



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