[mythtv-users] Non recorded following episodes

Stephane Bonnell liste.steph at e-bonnell.net
Tue Jul 19 03:48:04 EDT 2005


   I am using MythTV for sometime now and I have a problem with my schedules.

   I want to record TV series. To do so I programmed a "Record at anytime on
channel". Since french TV are not always on time, I put options to start 5
minutes early and stop 15 minutes late.

   My problem is that french TV channel displays several episodes following each
other (for ex. episode 1 at 9pm, episode 2 at 10pm, episode 3 at 11pm). With the
current behavior of MythTV episode 2 won't be recorded since there is a
collision with episode 1 (and episode 3).

   Is there a way to manage this, except by overriding the options for episode 2
to start 5 minutes late and stop 15 minutes early?

   I tried to create 3 programs with "Record this program in this timeslot every
week", but it's not working since depending on what is before, start time of the
first episode could be more than half an hour early or late in the TV guide so
it is not recognized by MythTV.

   One suggestion could be to change MythTV (or maybe add a program option) so
that it starts recording when the tuner is available even if the program
already started. In my case it won't be a problem since I can see the begining
of episide 2 at the end of the recording of episode 1.

Stephane Bonnell

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