[mythtv-users] Default theme is slowest? Theme recommendations?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Jul 19 15:35:26 EDT 2005

ffrr wrote:
> It seems that the default Blue theme is slow when changing menus 
> (selecting items to go to a submenu, or pressing <esc> to go up a 
> level).   GANT is quite fast.

Iulius is by far the most lightweight. There are no clip-art
icons or watermarks. All the space is used for information.
Much smaller memory footprint too.

> Also, some themes I have tried don't have all the features required 
> (someone here said they haven't been updated).

The themes in the the distribution are always up to date (mythtv/themes
and the myththemes module. Third party themes are a matter of if the
maintainer is keeping up.

> So, what are the best themes (complete and fast, or at least, not as 
> slow as the default)?

I think the other responses were just mentioning what they liked
or thought with no regard to your question =).

--  bjm

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