[mythtv-users] Getting a Plasma, Scared of Burn-In

Dan Christian dac at x.cx
Mon Jul 18 01:44:08 EDT 2005

LCD won't have burn-in issues, but there are questions about how they will 
age.  Basically, the color can shift over time.  Some LCD projectors have had 
big problems with this.  The high light intensity of the projector really 
amplifies the problem.

Avoid the cheap LCD sets.  Stick to brands that have been making good LCD 
monitors for a few years.

I had a plasma a few years back at work.  I managed to burn it in within a 
couple hours (a Linux install paused on a screen while I was out to lunch).  
It did recover overnight, but it's all a bit scary.  Hopefully, the 
technology is improving.

One drawback of LCD and plasma is that the resolution is still lower than 
CRTs.  The CRT will do 1080i and still be cheaper.  You're still paying quite 
a premium for the lower size and weight of LCD/plasma.


On Friday 15 July 2005 12:12 am, Marius Schrecker wrote:
> This may be a very stupid question, but: What about LCD's? They're far less
> sensitive to burn-in, have HDTV definition, and are getting much better
> with regard to colour definition, response time and viewing angle. Here
> in Norway I can get a 37" Viewpia (8ms, 1200:1 contrast,1366x768)for about
> the same price as an equivalent plasma. The very largest LCD's are still
> not good enough so if you need 42"+ then I understand.

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