[mythtv-users] No output from IRW

Eric Jensen soastuff at no-homers.org
Fri Jul 15 19:22:16 EDT 2005

I have a Universal Remote Control MX-500 and am trying to get it to work
with an Irman.  I hooked it up to a Windows box and get output just
fine, so the irman does support the signal from my remote.  When I run
lircd and then irw or irrecord I don't get any output though.  No
errors, but also no output.  I only have one serial device and I made
sure lircd was using the right one.  I tried loading lircd with
parameters --driver=irman --device=/dev/ttyS0, but then as soon as I run
irw it closes and lircd is no longer running.  I am pretty clueless when
it comes to this stuff, does anybody have any ideas?


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