[mythtv-users] Linux Compatable USB dongles

Bearcat M. Sandor HomeTheater at thedragonsedge.com
Sat Jul 16 13:48:02 EDT 2005

Thank you for the link, that's a good start, but not quite what i'm looking 
for. I don't really need the remote control and the form that the usb dongle 
takes is importsnt. I'm trying to aviod wires, you see and it interferes with 
the look of my set up.

I'm thinking more along the lines of these:


I like that i can just plug them in an have no wires about.

Are there certain chipsets i should look for and avoid? For instance, I know 
that Sigma-Tel does not use standards complient  firmware and so dongles 
based on that chipset are incompatable with Linux.

Thank you.

Bearcat M. Sandor

On Saturday 16 July 2005 02:18 in an email titled "Re: [mythtv-users] Linux 
Compatable USB dongles" Todd Ignasiak wrote:
>The FusionHDTV card comes with a USB IR receiver and remote,  and
>there are patches to make it work with Linux and lirc.
>You can get the receiver+remote for $9 here:
>Note:  I can't say how well it works in Linux..  I have the remote,
>but haven't configured lirc to use it yet.
>On 7/15/05, Bearcat M. Sandor <HomeTheater at thedragonsedge.com> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I'm looking to buy a little USB irda.  I had one at one point, but it was
>> not operable with linux (i think it was a cisco chipset).
>> Does anyone know of some irds usb dongles that work well. Even if i only
>> know what chipsets work, i should have plenty of choices.
>> Thanks all.
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