[mythtv-users] Adjusting 1 channels start/stop time?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 21:26:50 EDT 2005

> > You /should/ be able to get the exact behavior you want without a
> > "per-channel" start early/end late setting.  Assuming you want TNG on
> > one channel to record an extra 3 minutes early and late, but on all
> > other channels to record "normally" (i.e. using the global pre/post-roll
> > if warranted), just make two recording rules.
> >
> > The first rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on this channel
> > (the messed up channel) with a 3-minute start early/end late.  The
> > second rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on all channels with
> > no start early/end late.
> Correct.
>  I don't think that Myth would pick the "this
> > channel" rule over the "all channels" rule by itself, so you'll probably
> > have to set the "this channel" rule to have a higher priority (i.e. +3)
> > than the "all channels" rule (i.e. 0).  (Unfortunately, I don't know if
> > "this channel" is considered a different scope than "all channels," so
> > this might not work at all.)
> Actually, it's the other way around. Myth does give precedence to
> a more specific record type than a more general type. Priority has
> no effect on which one takes control. Think of an override for a
> showing of an All rule. The override is for the one showing and is
> more specific than All so it controls that showing (note that the
> override wouldn't do any good if the All rule won). Now, you could
> use that override to set the priority lower for that showing so that
> another show could grab card 1 for example.
> I've mentioned "scope" before but I really just mean how specific.
> Channel is more specific that All so you could have one of each
> for the same title but you can't have two All or two Channel for
> the same title.
> In this case, I firmly believe that SpikeTV is not off by three
> minutes 24 hours per day seven days per week. I'd give a specific
> recommendation but because the information suggests it is the
> showing after "Leave it to Beaver" and SpikeTV does not broadcast
> this show (though TV Land does) the example is no more valid
> than the comment about setting the time by the sun (which ultimately
> is the source for the Greenwich observatory).
> --  bjm
> _______________________________________________

Thank you for your replies!!!

I was just being a bit saracastic about "Leave it to Beaver".  I think
it usually follows that show with the english dubs that takes place
somewhere in asia, and is some sort of sports bloopers.  Nonetheless,
these ideas will work great, thanks!  Thank you for the explaination
of how the recording priorities work by default.

As for the sun...  That's quite a neat bit of info!  That part too was
a bit sarcastic, I was basically hoping for some info on how to adjust
a specific channel, and painted a sarcastic picture around that



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