[mythtv-users] Adjusting 1 channels start/stop time?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jul 13 04:07:27 EDT 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Chad wrote:
>> On 7/12/05, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>>> Global pre/post-roll is only used when bringing up the encoder from
>>> "full stop" ...
>>> If you want a specific recording to start early or end late, use "Start
>>> Early" and "End Late" settings...
>>> So, basically, don't use global pre/post roll to compensate for
>>> broadcasters time differences.  Think of it as option.  Instead, set TNG
>>> to record with a start early and end late setting.
>> Awesome, thanks for the feedback!  I'll set the global 2 minutes
>> early, and then set the per-program 3 minutes early.  I'd really like
>> a per-channel option too, as I generally record "on any channel at any
>> time" and it's not any channel that does this.  But this will work.
> OK.  This is pure speculation...  There are two ways to verify whether 
> my guess is correct:  you can wait for someone who's much smarter about 
> the inner workings of the scheduler than I am (i.e. Bruce Markey or 
> Chris Pinkham or David Engel or ...) to confirm or deny it or--even 
> better--try it out for yourself.

David (gigem) belongs at the top of the smarter about the scheduler
list but he wants me to try to answer questions first. 

I've been avoiding this thread. A bad analogy that runs through
me head is 'when I crack eggs on the side of a pan it spills over
the right side. Is there any way I can move the kitchen a few
inches to the left?' The idea that the clock should be set differently
for SpikeTV is odd and it would result in most other shows on Spike
being hozed. The problem is TNG and TNG in that specific timeslot.
TBS is a few minutes late after Sex in the City, Spike is late after
wrestling, Survivor castoff comments over the credits run 20sec
past the hour as do Idol losers' final song and MTV has no idea
when they are doing what. The solution here is to deal with TNG in
that timeslot and myth can handle this with the sechedulers startoffset
and endoffset minutes (the recorders pre/post roll seconds are not
appropriate for this situation).

> You /should/ be able to get the exact behavior you want without a 
> "per-channel" start early/end late setting.  Assuming you want TNG on 
> one channel to record an extra 3 minutes early and late, but on all 
> other channels to record "normally" (i.e. using the global pre/post-roll 
> if warranted), just make two recording rules.
> The first rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on this channel 
> (the messed up channel) with a 3-minute start early/end late.  The 
> second rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on all channels with 
> no start early/end late. 


 I don't think that Myth would pick the "this 
> channel" rule over the "all channels" rule by itself, so you'll probably 
> have to set the "this channel" rule to have a higher priority (i.e. +3) 
> than the "all channels" rule (i.e. 0).  (Unfortunately, I don't know if 
> "this channel" is considered a different scope than "all channels," so 
> this might not work at all.)

Actually, it's the other way around. Myth does give precedence to
a more specific record type than a more general type. Priority has
no effect on which one takes control. Think of an override for a
showing of an All rule. The override is for the one showing and is
more specific than All so it controls that showing (note that the
override wouldn't do any good if the All rule won). Now, you could
use that override to set the priority lower for that showing so that
another show could grab card 1 for example.

I've mentioned "scope" before but I really just mean how specific.
Channel is more specific that All so you could have one of each
for the same title but you can't have two All or two Channel for
the same title.

In this case, I firmly believe that SpikeTV is not off by three
minutes 24 hours per day seven days per week. I'd give a specific
recommendation but because the information suggests it is the
showing after "Leave it to Beaver" and SpikeTV does not broadcast
this show (though TV Land does) the example is no more valid
than the comment about setting the time by the sun (which ultimately
is the source for the Greenwich observatory).

--  bjm

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