[mythtv-users] Adjusting 1 channels start/stop time?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jul 12 22:57:12 EDT 2005

Chad wrote:

>On 7/12/05, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
>>Global pre/post-roll is only used when bringing up the encoder from
>>"full stop" ...
>>If you want a specific recording to start early or end late, use "Start
>>Early" and "End Late" settings...
>>So, basically, don't use global pre/post roll to compensate for
>>broadcasters time differences.  Think of it as option.  Instead, set TNG
>>to record with a start early and end late setting.
>Awesome, thanks for the feedback!  I'll set the global 2 minutes
>early, and then set the per-program 3 minutes early.  I'd really like
>a per-channel option too, as I generally record "on any channel at any
>time" and it's not any channel that does this.  But this will work.
OK.  This is pure speculation...  There are two ways to verify whether 
my guess is correct:  you can wait for someone who's much smarter about 
the inner workings of the scheduler than I am (i.e. Bruce Markey or 
Chris Pinkham or David Engel or ...) to confirm or deny it or--even 
better--try it out for yourself.

You /should/ be able to get the exact behavior you want without a 
"per-channel" start early/end late setting.  Assuming you want TNG on 
one channel to record an extra 3 minutes early and late, but on all 
other channels to record "normally" (i.e. using the global pre/post-roll 
if warranted), just make two recording rules.

The first rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on this channel 
(the messed up channel) with a 3-minute start early/end late.  The 
second rule should be to record all episodes of TNG on all channels with 
no start early/end late.  I don't think that Myth would pick the "this 
channel" rule over the "all channels" rule by itself, so you'll probably 
have to set the "this channel" rule to have a higher priority (i.e. +3) 
than the "all channels" rule (i.e. 0).  (Unfortunately, I don't know if 
"this channel" is considered a different scope than "all channels," so 
this might not work at all.)



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