[mythtv-users] Non-PVR audio popping?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 21:32:04 EDT 2005


Ok, so for the 4 other people out there without PVR's, do you get
crackly/popping audio?  The best way to describe it as follows:

In a very quiet scene, I can hear a loud, very high pitched (almost
too high to hear probably for some people) constant noise.  In the
other, more noisy scenes, I hear a lot of popping, almost as if I have
a dirty record player (it's an old device used to play music, old
people think they are cool), but it's defintely not (actually, it's a
Western Digital SATA drive ;) ).  The sound itself is somewhat
distorted.  By distorted I mean that voices don't have range, it seems
they are usually higher pitched than regular TV broadcasts.

So far, I am blaming my audio cable running from the 2 tuner cards
into the 2 soundcards on my system.  I am guessing they aren't as well
shielded as I need for the situation they are in (surrounded by coax
cables, vga cables and plenty of other 'noise' cables).  If this is
the case, has anyone got a solution?  A cheap solution, so something
like "yeah, get a few PVR's" isn't what I'm looking for.  I'm hoping
that either there are some cables I can pick up from BestBuy that will
do the trick, or some form of digital audio transfer to a soundcard
using a bt8x capture card (nope, they don't have audio capture


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