[mythtv-users] Cancelled Recording from Live TV Not Rescheduled

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Thu Jul 14 00:32:13 EDT 2005

I have a rule for Jimmy Kimmel, but I happened to find something on live TV that
caught my attention.  Just before it was suppose to start recording Kimmel I got
a box on the screen giving me the option to record and watch Kimmel, record and
exit to menu or cancel the recording and continue to watch live tv.  I chose to
stay with live tv and assumed that it would reschedule Kimmel for 3am on the
west coast feed.  Instead, it cancelled the 12am recording and still has the
3am marked as "will be recorded at an earlier time instead."  I had to manually
override the 3am airing to make it record.  I suspect this is a bug or if not
then I guess it's a feature request. :-)

Help appreciated,


P.S.  Is there technical/developer documentation somewhere describing things
like the database schema, the client/server protocol, overall architecture,
etc.?  I've started to read the code a little here and there and feel I could
contribute fixes for this and the mythweb bug I came across yesterday, but it'd
be much easier/quicker to jump in if I could get an understanding of how all the
source goes together.

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