[mythtv-users] HD firewire capture from Scientific Atlanta 3250

Jon Kunze jon99ut at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 14:29:43 EDT 2005

I'm looking to setup my Scientific Atlanta 3250 to capture to my FC3 
MythBox, and I'm wondering two things.

1. I need to get some more of firewire interface added to my machine. I read 
on Jarod's Guide that the SoundBlaster Audigy with fire wire works great. 
I'm curious if anyone else has any experience with this card in Myth. Are 
you able to get 5.1 output, as well as capture from your HD box with it? And 
if so, which model is the best one to get. I would like to get the most 
basic model that willl achieve 5.1 sound as well as firewire interface.

2. Are you able to change channels on the 3250 through Firewire? Or do you 
use an IR blaster? I had some experience with IR blasters on Tivo years ago, 
and i had a few problems with missed codes and such. Obviously, I would like 
to change channels through Firewire to eliminate this issue.

Thank for any input anyone can give.
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