[mythtv-users] intel gma 900 graphics controller: advice sought

Tiger Degraw pollyp100 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 13:57:50 EDT 2005


I've built a system around the Intel 915g motherboard
that I plan to put mythtv on. I'm using the hd-3000
high definition card, and am able to view
(downsampled) video streams via the motherboard's
integrated graphics controller, the gma 900.

Now I want to get dvi outputs, and have a decision to
make about the graphics card. I'd like to know the
pluses and minuses of each approach.

If you want dvi outputs on the Intel 915g, you're
supposed to use the Asus dvi-add2 add-in card in the
PCI-express x16 slot. So that's one option. Does
anyone have a system like this going? What can you
report about it? I've read through the data sheet
(http://www.intel.com/design/graphics/gma900/), but as
best I can make out, it doesn't support hardware mpeg2
decoding -- which I understand that I *really* want
for mythtv. Am I reading the data sheet correctly?

So I'm wondering if I should use one of the mainstream
PCI graphics board that supports dvi, e.g. nVidia. Is
there any reason why this wouldn't work? Would I have
to do anything extra, besides making sure the new card
was detected? Will I really see a difference? Or am I
just complicating my life needlessly?

Thanks in advance for opinions and experiences. BTW, I
am a total newb, so there is no fact too obvious to
mention in your reply. :^)


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