[mythtv-users] HD firewire capture from Scientific Atlanta 3250

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 14:35:38 EDT 2005

Jon Kunze wrote:

> I'm looking to setup my Scientific Atlanta 3250 to capture to my FC3
> MythBox, and I'm wondering two things.
> 1. I need to get some more of firewire interface added to my machine.
> I read on Jarod's Guide that the SoundBlaster Audigy with fire wire
> works great. I'm curious if anyone else has any experience with this
> card in Myth. Are you able to get 5.1 output, as well as capture from
> your HD box with it? And if so, which model is the best one to get. I
> would like to get the most basic model that willl achieve 5.1 sound as
> well as firewire interface.
> 2. Are you able to change channels on the 3250 through Firewire? Or do
> you use an IR blaster? I had some experience with IR blasters on Tivo
> years ago, and i had a few problems with missed codes and such.
> Obviously, I would like to change channels through Firewire to
> eliminate this issue.
> Thank for any input anyone can give.
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I use my 3250HD to capture in Myth.

You have to use some variation of an IR Blaster to change channels.  To
avoid missed channel change codes, I wrap the front display of my 3250
in aluminum foil, and haven't missed a channel change yet.

As for using a Sound Blaster.  I have an Audigy2 and use the firewire
port from it.  I can't seem to get these streams to go output through
spdif for some reason, (I know its not the card since I can output dvd
audio streams through spdif).  I just get crackly undecodable audio
streams in all of speakers.  Software decoding of the streams does work
however, and I just output analog 5.1.

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