[mythtv-users] Hardware?

Quentin Whitmyer qwhitmyer at neo.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 18:42:47 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,
I am looking to building a dedicated  machine for MythTV. However I  
am a much better software person than hardware. I would like some  
opinions on what hardware I should consider. Starting from Case and  
ending at Processor.

My current setup:
     Time Warner Digital Cable
     RoadRunner Broadband

I have read this article about building a machine for MythTV
I do like the design of the case he chose because it doesn't really  
look like a computer. In the living room that would be nice. The
  What I don't like is that he is just going after other the air  
broadcast HDTV.
I would like to be able to plug my cable into the machine and have it  

Anyone have any advice on what hardware works for them?
Even what doesn't work might be useful here as I would like to avoid  
mistakes around discovered :)

Thanks All

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