[mythtv-users] Find Once Per Week Records Multiple Times

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Jul 12 15:59:46 EDT 2005

Derek Battams wrote:
> Using 0.18 (KnoppMyth).  I've added a schedule to find and record a program once
> a week.  The first airing was on Monday, but due to conflicts, that airing was
> skipped and instead was recorded early this morning, as expected.  However, the
> scheduler has now decided to record the program again on Wednesday.  I wouldn't
> expect it to record again at least until next Monday.  Why would the scheduler
> choose to record the program twice in the same week?  The original recording
> from Tuesday hasn't been deleted and the program description, etc. is the same
> for all showings.

The interval begins from the time of the showing that was selected
when the rule was created. If you created the rule on a Wed. showing,
for example, a Monday or Tuesday recording would be the end of the
week and Wednesday would start a new interval. Go to the options
page for a showing you will see the find time in the subtitle:

Best Week Ever
(Fri, 11:00pm or later)
    Airdate: Fri Jul 15 ...

Also, the program details page has a "Find ID:" field which shows
the date which the showing is grouped with. If these are incorrect,
set your current rule to "Do not record", lookup the showing that
is the first timeslot of new episode for the week and create a new

If you added your weekly rule after you were already recording this
show, make sure the Wednesday show isn't a match for an old rule.

If your find weekly rule is a search type that matches more than
one title ("Steve Martin (People Search)" for example) then that
may not have been supported yet in 0.18. This does work correctly
in current svn.

--  bjm

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