[mythtv-users] "Feature Idea - P2P" Bad Idea

Brad Benson bbenso1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 14:54:52 EDT 2005

On 7/7/05, Matt Grommes <matt at mattorama.net> wrote:
> One of
> the pvrs _will_ have an integrated way to get net content, you can be
> sure of that. If Myth doesn't have it, it'll be one more reason for
> people not to use it.

Perhaps you're missing a large point here.  Most of the developers of
Myth don't care if you use it or not.  They're working on it because
they want to use it or they enjoy working on it.  Yes, a larger user
base provides better testing and some other benefits, but remember
that this is not a commercial venture.  This is Isaac's pet project
that has taken off into something that many people want to use.  He's
happy to share that with those of us who want to use it.  If you'd
rather use something else, knock yourself out.  I'm certainly not
going to lose any sleep over it and I'm sure Isaac won't either.

> This is exactly the kind of chilling of innovation the media companies
> want. They don't have to make a technology illegal if everybody pees
> themselves with fear when they come within arm's length of it. There's
> already enough legal content to make this argument invalid and there's
> only going to be more in the coming months/years.

The argument may be invalid, but that still doesn't stop any of those
media companies from bringing a lawsuit against the Myth
community/developers.  They don't have to prove that anything illegal
was done, they just have to force the defendant to pay fees (lawyer,
etc) that are more than the defendant can afford.  Maybe if you
provide, up-front, the massive cash reserves that would be needed to
defend that court case someone will consider developing this, but I
doubt it.  Until then, I think it's very clear that the majority of
the folks involved with Myth don't wany any parts of any P2P app
associated with Myth and Isaac has certainly made his views on that
topic very clear on repeated occasions.  It's his project.  If you
want to play with it, you play by his rules.  If you don't like those
rules, find another project.

I know some of that message sounds pretty harsh.  I don't intend it to
be insulting or anything like that.  It's just that this P2P
discussion comes up frequently enough that it's getting annoying to
me.  It has been repeatedly made clear that the people behind Myth
don't want this in the current environment so why does this discussion
keep happening?

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