[mythtv-users] "Feature Idea - P2P" Bad Idea

Matt Grommes matt at mattorama.net
Thu Jul 7 12:29:59 EDT 2005

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:
> Nick Rout wrote:
>> If you want to share programs you have recorded with myth, do so outside
>> the immediate myth environment.
> exactly ... does it really need to be integrated?  up until now it 
> really hasn't, and it works just fine with movies/shows downloaded via 
> bittorrent (not that i'd know, of course ;) ...)
> if people really want to do that, they can fire up azureus, bitcomet, 
> bit tornado, or any of the other many, many, many bittorrent clients and 
> still use myth to view/organize them

The point is to have a seemless environment to download/watch/organize 
content off the net the same as you have to watch 
over-the-air/cable/etc. The net is just another distribution channel. 
There is plenty of stuff out there (systm, From the  Shadows, etc.) 
which is perfectly legal and distributed on the net. With cheap digital 
video cameras and software like iMovie, there will only be more coming. 
Look at podcasting if you've heard of that. Thousands of hours of audio 
programming being created by users and distributed over the net. One of 
the pvrs _will_ have an integrated way to get net content, you can be 
sure of that. If Myth doesn't have it, it'll be one more reason for 
people not to use it.

>> I know that bittorrent has many legal uses. IMHO adding it in to mythtv
>> would only serve bt's detractors.
> exactly, it's playing with fire ... sure, nothing may ever come of it, 
> but i'm sure any developer wouldn't want to fork out the cash for a 
> lawyer when it wasn't their idea in the first place ...

This is exactly the kind of chilling of innovation the media companies 
want. They don't have to make a technology illegal if everybody pees 
themselves with fear when they come within arm's length of it. There's 
already enough legal content to make this argument invalid and there's 
only going to be more in the coming months/years.

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