[mythtv-users] how to feed 1280x720p to a large TV?

Jason W. jason_wilk at stircrazy.net
Sat Dec 31 19:11:04 EST 2005

Thomas B. Clark wrote:
> My Samsung  HL-P5063W does the same thing (black border around the
> image) but only from the PC (using an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 via DVI
> with nvidia driver).  I, too, have read that it is a feature, and
> that TVs do it with the DVI input, presuming that it is acting as a
> computer monitor rather than a TV.  However, when I hook up the the
> TV to the Time Warner DVR using DVI, the image fills the screen.    
> How does the TV know the difference between the TW box and my mythtv
> box?  I have spent hours playing with xorg.conf, even tweaking the
> modeline by hand, but cannot overcome the black border.  I wonder if
> the nvidia card is doing it rather than the TV.  I have filed a
> ticket with Nvidia, but have yet to hear from them.    
> I surely would be appreciative if anybody can shed any light on this.

I had a black border until I manually set my overscan.


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