[mythtv-users] Lost Sound on PVR-350 After Upgrade to IVTV 0.4.1

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Sat Dec 31 18:45:42 EST 2005

I upgraded my MythTV system from ivtv 0.4.0 and kernel to ivtv 
0.4.1 and kernel and now I get no sound on my PVR-350 from 
either live tv or recorded programs.

Sound system is working - Xine playing DVDs and MythMusic output sound fine.

I've reset the settings in alsamixer/amixer: master and PCM to 75% 
unmuted, CD (which the PVR-350 is plugged into) at 75%, muted and set as 
the capture source. Internal cabling has not changed from my previously 
working ivtv 0.4.0 setup.

The correct msp3400 is being loaded -- I compiled ivtv from source and 
executed the recommended mv commands.

Any suggestions?

My init messages are below.


ivtv:  ==================== START INIT IVTV ====================
ivtv:  version 0.4.1 (tagged release) loading
ivtv:  Linux version: SMP gcc-3.4
ivtv:  In case of problems please include the debug info between
ivtv:  the START INIT IVTV and END INIT IVTV lines, along with
ivtv:  any module options, when mailing the ivtv-users mailinglist.
ivtv0: Autodetected WinTV PVR 350 card (cx23415 based)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:01:02.0[A] -> GSI 17 (level, low) -> IRQ 185
ivtv0: Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 (was 32)
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=tveeprom, addr=50]
tveeprom 0-0050: The eeprom says no radio is present, but the tuner type
tveeprom 0-0050: indicates otherwise. I will assume that radio is present.
tveeprom 0-0050: Hauppauge model 48132, rev K268, serial# 2985761
tveeprom 0-0050: tuner model is LG TAPE H001F MK3 (idx 68, type 47)
tveeprom 0-0050: TV standards NTSC(M) (eeprom 0x08)
tveeprom 0-0050: audio processor is MSP4448 (idx 27)
tveeprom 0-0050: decoder processor is SAA7115 (idx 19)
tveeprom 0-0050: has radio, has IR remote
tuner (ivtv): chip found at addr 0xc2 i2c-bus ivtv i2c driver #0
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=(tuner unset), addr=61]
saa7115 0-0021: ivtv driver
saa7115 0-0021: saa7115 found @ 0x42 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=saa7115, addr=21]
saa7127 0-0044: ivtv driver
saa7127 0-0044: saa7129 found @ 0x88 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=saa7127, addr=44]
msp3400 0-0040: ivtv driver
msp3400 0-0040: chip=MSP4448G-A2 +nicam +simple +simpler +radio mode=simpler
msp3400 0-0040: msp34xxg daemon started
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=MSP4448G-A2, addr=40]
tda9887 0-0043: (ivtv) chip found @ 0x86 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
ivtv0: i2c attach to card #0 ok [client=tda9887, addr=43]
ivtv0: loaded v4l-cx2341x-enc.fw firmware (262144 bytes)
ivtv0: loaded v4l-cx2341x-dec.fw firmware (262144 bytes)
ivtv0: Encoder revision: 0x02050032
ivtv0: Decoder revision: 0x02020023
ivtv0: Allocate DMA encoder MPEG stream: 256 x 32768 buffers (8192KB total)
ivtv0: Allocate DMA encoder YUV stream: 194 x 10800 buffers (2048KB total)
ivtv0: Allocate DMA encoder VBI stream: 120 x 17472 buffers (2048KB total)
ivtv0: Allocate DMA encoder PCM audio stream: 455 x 4608 buffers (2048KB 
ivtv0: Create encoder radio stream
ivtv0: Allocate DMA decoder MPEG stream: 16 x 65536 buffers (1024KB total)
ivtv0: Allocate DMA decoder VBI stream: 512 x 2048 buffers (1024KB total)
ivtv0: Create decoder VOUT stream
ivtv0: Allocate DMA decoder YUV stream: 48 x 43200 buffers (2048KB total)
ivtv0: loaded v4l-cx2341x-init-mpeg.bin firmware (155648 bytes)
tuner: type set to 47 (LG NTSC (TAPE series)) by ivtv i2c driver #0
tuner: switching to v4l2
tuner: tv freq set to 67.25
tuner: tv 0x07 0x10 0x8e 0x01
ivtv0: Initialized WinTV PVR 350, card #0
ivtv:  ====================  END INIT IVTV  ====================

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