[mythtv-users] how to feed 1280x720p to a large TV?

Thomas B. Clark mythtv at clark.durham.nc.us
Sat Dec 31 18:44:54 EST 2005

My Samsung  HL-P5063W does the same thing (black border around the 
image) but only from the PC (using an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 via DVI with 
nvidia driver).  I, too, have read that it is a feature, and that TVs do 
it with the DVI input, presuming that it is acting as a computer monitor 
rather than a TV.  However, when I hook up the the TV to the Time Warner 
DVR using DVI, the image fills the screen.

How does the TV know the difference between the TW box and my mythtv 
box?  I have spent hours playing with xorg.conf, even tweaking the 
modeline by hand, but cannot overcome the black border.  I wonder if the 
nvidia card is doing it rather than the TV.  I have filed a ticket with 
Nvidia, but have yet to hear from them.

I surely would be appreciative if anybody can shed any light on this.

mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:

>My Sony does the same thing, from what I've read on the net the TV 
>itself is doing it to avoid clipping the edges of the display that might 
>have important info/utilities like the taskbar, etc.  I have yet to find 
>a way to disable it.  The display looks great, with the lights off I 
>can't even tell there is a black border, the TV trim is black and the 
>blacks on the display are really dark.

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