[mythtv-users] What to do about missing cable provider/lineup at zap2it?

John Biundo johnbiundo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 31 18:38:22 EST 2005

Hi All,

First post.  I'm coming along nicely in the assembly and configuration 
of my new MythTV box.

I've run into a roadblock that a couple of hours of googling hasn't 
really helped clear up for me.

Short description: zap2it doesn't give me a choice for my cable provider 
(astound cable in zip code 94598).  None of about 20 surrounding zip 
codes produced anything useable either.

I've emailed labs at zap2it.com -- hopefully that will resolve it.  But I'm 
now somewhat worried that this doesn't seem to be a common problem, that 
I've come across various comments alluding to zap2it not being very 
responsive to lineup problems, and I couldn't get far at all 
investigating things at zap2it's site because of apparent web site 
problems (most FAQ/forum type links produced database errors).

So I gues I'm asking:
a) Is this problem a common occurence and should I just relax and expect 
zap2it to fix it?
b) If so, what's the best way to bring it to zap2it's attention?  E-mail 
to labs at zap2it.com?
c) If not, what are my alternatives?  Googling around on the notion of 
custom building a channel lineup from various sources indicates that 
this might be do-able, but perhaps a rather large effort.

Hoping for some good news!  In any case, happy new year to all.


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