[mythtv-users] Slight OT: Keeping your systems clean

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Sat Dec 31 18:04:54 EST 2005

I've been running MythTV for a little over 2 years, during that time, I've
performed extensive upgrades/maintenance tweaking everything to work exactly
the way I want. I'm going to avoid geeking out and listing specs, but
suffice it to say it's a VERY powerful setup, spread across two front-end's
and  two back-end's.


This being the holiday season I opened everything up (first time in a few
months) and cleaned it out. Q-Tips rubbing alcohol, compressed air....the
whole deal. After the operation I returned everything back to its homes,
rewired, and applied powered. The noise level dropped significantly (better
air pass thru, less vibration, better air circulation).


I also picked up some air purifiers from home depot, as I live in a home
with two cats, and a smoker.


So I thought I'd leave some tips (others feel free to add for those that
archive search):


1)       Be sure to clean the intake and outtake fans once every 6 months. 

2)       Clean the CPU fan once a year.

3)       Consider a HEPA capable air purifier (place one near your setup -
running on low). It's a little box - typically less than 100$

4)       If you have a pet or smoke, step 3 is VERY important.





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