[mythtv-users] New PVR-150, apt-get problems from atrpms

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 15:30:50 EST 2005

> I haven't really updated anything other than Myth since I got it
> working.  I knew I would have to update the ivtv drivers at the very
> least, so I decided to do a dist-upgrade before installing the card
> and make sure everything is still working.  It needed to download a
> bunch of packages, so I let it run overnight.  This morning, it was
> stuck about halfway through installing the packages.  The system
> wasn't locked, apt-get just wasn't responding.  After giving it a long
> time, I killed apt-get and tried to rerun dist-upgrade.  Now I am
> getting conflicts:

My recommendation is to use synaptic and selectively upgrade packages
in small bunches.

If you see that your selections will result in other packages that you
care about being uninstalled, go back and upgrade other packages
first. This will let you make progress with upgrades in small
increments and help any package debugging that needs to be done.

I've seen a number of cases where shared libraries are broken out into
their own packages, package contents change, one package becomes two,
two packages get merged into one, etc... and the 'hail mary" apt-get
dist-upgrade doesn't always do exactly what you want.


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