[mythtv-users] frontend setup (NFS ?) need clarification

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Dec 30 14:16:34 EST 2005

On Dec 30, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Franco wrote:

> Hello,


> How should I set up things so that I can play all my video, music,  
> etc.
> from all the frontends?  I believe the answer is "NFS", but should  
> I setup
> things so that the paths look the same from every machine?
> I see that if I try to browse the videos from a frontend, I can see  
> all
> the video "covers" I had setup in the backend database, but when I try
> to play them, I get a "file not found" (or similar) error.
> What's the purpose, then, of having the paths configurable in the  
> frontend,
> if they need to be just the same as frontend ones?

Your covers and video files need to point to the same path. Not  
specifically the same exact text. For instance, if you store your  
videos in /mythtv/videos on your backend machine, the frontend on  
that same machine should point to /mythtv/videos. However, if you NFS  
mount to /videos on your remote frontend machine, you should enter / 
videos in that setup.

Another reason for this being configurable is that I have DVD's  
ripped on my backend machine, but I don't want my kids trying to  
stream that much data over wireless, so they keep their respective  
videos on their local machines (rip it on the backend machine, then  
copy it over the network to their local machine for viewing later).  
Their video directory is local, but the music/photos catalog is an  
NFS mount.

> And how do I should setup things, as I have my videos, music, etc.,
> split among the disks of the various machines?
> I'd like to be able to watch/listen ALL my stuff from EVERY mythbox
> in the house...

NFS mount wherever you have your data. I believe you can use colons  
to separate multiple paths. For instance, /mythtv/videos:/videos will  
look to both directories to populate your videos. I simplified my  
life by storing everything in a LVM on my backend machine (hooked  
right to my TV, so I use it as my main frontend machine, as well),  
then I just have a single location for all my data and can mount it  
on any other machine I please.

> Last question: the only thing I found mentioned in the FAQ, was the
> "myth://" URL... do I need to use that and where do I put it?

Never used it before. Sorry I can't help there.

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